Monday, February 20, 2006

A plumber costs how much?!

Some days I wish I were more like my Dad. He could fix anything, be it replacing a broken tile to patching a hole in the roof when a meteor fell from the sky. Anything. Today the washer machine was draining and the house made weird gurgling sounds, walls shook, and then water freakishly started coming up in the kitchen sink and toilet downstairs. I thought CHUD was coming back out of the sewers. So I called a plumber and he charged me $324 to send a Ninja-style camera down the main sewer to tell me there’s some concrete blocking the main sewage line (likely left over from the home builder’s contractors nearly 5 years ago; too bad it didn’t happen within the first year when we had our freakin’ warranty!!) and it would probably cost $3k to rip up the driveway, clear it, and patch it up. Or he could put a $15 cap on it to prevent any spillage inside the house. After I paid him and he had gone, my head turned into a donkey (just like a cartoon) and I galloped down the street.
  • The Plumber

    IzzyMom said...

    $324??? Does he have an M.D. behind his name?

    Jess Riley said...

    LOL!!! Ah, Chud. And I loved the imagery of your last sentence.

    We're set to do some major home improvements, and I can hardly wait to see how much the contractors will try to financially bugger us.