Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guest Speaking at Schools

So I was invited to speak at a nearby private school about being an artist for a big company (that I won't mention, but all artists here are thought to make animals talk), a common request. I really enjoy these, but to date, this was the largest crowd I've ever spoken too - over 100 kids in a large auditorium, 3rd through 8th grade. After my spiel, I like to take questions. I just love questions from the younger set; where else can you ask something as simple as "Any questions about Artists?" and they all raise their hand like winning some pie eating contest. Not afraid of being heard or embarrassed about asking something silly (but highly entertaining) like "My sister, she likes to play with the neighbor's dog, he's smells like chicken.... oh yeah, do you know if that girl on *insert TV show* likes ice cream?". I actually know a few adults like that here at work. They're weird, but they're the ones who usually have candy at their desk. And that makes them OK in my book.
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