Friday, February 03, 2006

Real estate agents scare me

I've decided that don't want my daughter to become a real estate agent when she grows up. The kind that put their mall "Glamour Shots" picture on signs, billboards, door hangers, magnetic refrigerator calendars, junk mail, notepads, "important numbers" cards, etc. The ones in our neighborhood actually come around knocking on doors with stuff like cookie cutters asking questions such as "Are you sure you don't want to sell? Your dog wants you to. And so do your neighbors". Within the last week, our friendly neighbors put their house on the market, on a whim, and it sold in 6 days. I blame the agent and the free pumpkin she left on the doorstep with her large picture stapled to the best carving side. It’s a sad day in this housing market when agents have come down to the level of car salesman and Primerica agents (more careers off-limits to my daughter).
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