Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl-sure whatever. Ads-Yes!

Funny thing happened today. The Super Bowl was on and I didn't even know it. Like the vast majority of friends, neighbors, etc. nobody cares about football here (except the ones not originally from L.A., like from the Midwest, South, San Bernardino). Blame it on Los Angeles having no football team, other things to do, good weather, or blame it on DVD's and video games like the movie theater owners. I've been to a few Super Bowl Parties in the past and they were Super Bowl 'commercial' parties. When the game was on, they turned it down, played music, mingled, ate food like sushi, citrus roasted Olives and almonds, fancy cheeses paired with wine, and when the commercials came on everybody goes silent, listening, laughing, talking about which agencies created them and with who’s "style". Yes, most friends here work in the entertainment business and that's what's most important to us. Not scoring a goal, or whatever it is they do in football. But recently, why even turn on the game when they post the commercials up on the Internet? Maybe next year, I'll get a little more notice when something like this Super Bowl happens. I think there's a guy or two in the office that watches football (or was it basketball?) because there’s nothing like good food and a good laugh with friends.
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