Sunday, February 05, 2006

Infant colds and snot bubbles...

To some parents we're pretty lucky that at 7-months, our daughter had her very first cold this week. It seems some babies are endlessly sick since their first month. An interesting thing nobody ever mentioned to me was the infamous snot bubbles that appear under noses that look exactly like the plastic bubbles (the kind in the toothpaste tube with the straw) I use to make as a kid. I swear one earlier this week, had to be about 7 inches round!! Unfortunately my camera wasn't nearby to share with the world. It would also have made a great picture slide to show at her wedding (30 years from now). I'm keeping it within arms reach these days; to me it's like snapping a picture of a Yeti. Except shinier.
  • Science eStore: Plastic Bubbles
  • Flickr: Snot Bubble
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