Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Movie Review: "Zathura"

First of all, I'm not one of those prude-parent freaks who only let their kids watch PBS shows on ferrets and volcanos or the flipside "700 Club". With that said, overall I liked the movie and stuff like the indirect references to Pasadena (the Craftsman house, the Art Center "trans" Dad), and the trendy 6-year old with the Ugly Doll shirt. What really bothered me is this movie was PG, like Disney movies. Problem is, no PG Disney movie I know of has a kid saying stuff like "He's such a D*ck!" to his brother or kids saying "Be'-otch" (although I use the word quite often but only with adults, and not any kids, around). My daughter is only 7-months and can't speak (only mumbled French), but no way I'm showing her this for some time. Yeah, I know she'll hear it on the street or somewhere else, but not in a PG kids movie. Seriously, why not just warn parents and rate it PG-13? Has the bar been lowered and nobody sent me the memo?
  • Zathura

    IzzyMom said...

    Hey Be-otch!

    Prunella Prudeparent here. You know how I feel about kids and media; age-appropriate is all I ask... should be getting some hits from my place 'cause I'm plugging you on my semi-weekly list of good things I've come across.

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

    BTW-There's another way of saying "Be-otch", not "Be-atch". I guess my way is too Boston. Better change that...