Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is a job for "Supernanny"

She just makes parenting look so easy. That's why I'm considering a new business idea, maybe "franchising" or partnering with TV's Supernanny on some emergency child call service. Like the way you call a 24-hour Plumber to fix a clogged drain or a Gardner to fix a broken sprinkler on Sunday. This is would be for desperate parents (with cash or credit) who just are at their wits end and need a quick solution to remedy a broken child. I think I know of a few parents who would pay for something like that. To get something like Supernanny’s guaranteed proven results-just like the TV show. My only criteria for these Supernanny 911 workers would be that they need to speak in an English accent (people who speak in an English accent, at least to Americans, seem to be much more intelligent -- even while ordering pizza or saying "Loo" instead of toilet). Oh and of course, they would need to have a teenager who gets A's, maybe B's, isn't on crack, dress like a Bratz doll, or wear baggy gansta’ clothes. As a new parent of a baby, I count that as good parenting. I'm going to be a billionaire...
  • Supernanny! (aka Jo Frost)
  • Nanny 911
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