Friday, February 17, 2006

Girl Scouts cookies...everywhere!

First of all - didn't they just sell these a few months ago? Or maybe I'm still in that "time warp" my wife is always telling me about when she asks why I still have a pair of whitewash jeans in the closet (FYI-for painting or yard work that I'll never get around to). All around the J.O.B you can't walk without somebody asking you to buy cookies for their daughter. Which I don't mind, but aren't the kids suppose to sell these things themselves? Isn't that the point, to teach them how to sell used cars later, 'earn' a badge, free cookware, or something like that? I mean when you're asked by an adult it's pretty easy to say "La-La-La, I can't hear you, gotta run to a meeting!". But when a kid asks with puppy eyes and dreams of winning a camping trip to Alaska, I can't say no. I'm learning from all this so when my daughter (if she decides to join) sells cookies. I'm putting up a HUGE picture with her and a puppy that says, "Please buy cookies - my dog needs surgery and he's my only friend in this entire world". That's sure to get her some free cookware and some badge not even invented yet.
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    IzzyMom said...

    Honestly, it seems like Girl Scout cookie time comes three times a year instead of one. (I wish Mother's Day worked like that) I personally just don't like GS cookies that much and hate being accosted by those doe-eyed little girls in front of the grocery store but I'm sure I will have closets full their cookies if my daughter becomes a GS someday. I'll be one of those people you dodge at work lol. God help me...