Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Baby Loves Disco coming to L.A.

..And my "use to go clubbing in Paris, booty-shaking" wife can't wait. If you haven't heard of these, it's a pretty fun idea. This place goes around to cities and sets up a pre-dinner "clubbing" afternoon playing 70's and 80's music spun by a real DJ. Except everything is kid-friendly for the preschool/toddler/parent crowd down to the bubble machines, diaper-changing stations, and healthy snacks. And now they'll be setting up shop at a place that use to be The Martini Lounge - A place notorious for go-go dancers and Sushi. I predict this thing is going to be huge here because any mention of this to friends with kids gets an enthusiastic "WHEN? WHERE?!!" 'Calgon take me away...' reaction. Especially from the moms.
  • Baby Loves Disco

    cantellya said...

    What a fantastic idea! You'll have to post pictures :)

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

    Pictures? Definitely