Monday, May 15, 2006

Choosing Your Baby Sex Predicament

I came across this article today about some doctor’s clinic that actually let’s you choose the sex of your baby with 99% accuracy.
Man, this is weird from a personal perspective. When my wife and I were planning on having a baby, I was dead-scared of having a girl. Being a guy I couldn’t even imagine to be a father a girl. I was a teenage boy and single guy once and in my observation/experience it didn’t matter what kind of dad the girl had, she was going to be “loose” or have “pretty high standards” regardless of how strict her father was. My wife of course had her opinions, but to be honest if I had known about this and I had the choice I would say I would have made the ignorant choice to have a boy.
But now, after having my daughter and reading more, talking to other father’s of girls - I have more influence than I had once thought. I just hope people who make use of this really figure out their true reasoning first. From this article they put allot of focus on people who have 3 or 4 kids of the same sex and are trying to balance the outcome. I guess that makes sense from some point, but I have this gut feeling the vast majority are going to make choices out of sheer preconception of one gender over another. That’s frightening.
  • AFP/Yahoo: Designer babies? Couples flock to US to choose next baby's sex
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