Friday, May 19, 2006

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Last night my wife and I attended our local police department’s Neighborhood Watch training meeting. I have to admit, walking in I felt like our little neighborhood was under attack and had a bad crime spree going on with these recent 2 home burglaries and that the police should be out with swat team ready to make a bust. But compared to some other places, our problems seem really, really minor. Graffiti sting operations (I learned that these guys travel in packs of 4 and 90% of the time are Jr. High, High School Kids), known drug houses (which has a host of other crimes associated with it and are hard to warrant with the recently passed Calif. lenient drug laws releasing these guys within days of arrest –starting the process over again…), Sex offenders, Teenage reckless drivers, Teenage take-over party houses, Teenage ‘anything’.
When it ended, I came out with 2 solutions. 1-Hard line drug laws are good for law enforcement, get rid of the crime magnets and good for neighborhoods. 2-Put all the Teenagers in Jail from ages 15-19.
I have turned into that grouchy old guy who yells at kids to stay off his lawn and turns the sprinklers on when kids are around. Sweet!

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