Sunday, May 07, 2006

Disney "Princess Makeover Spa" For Girls

I came across this today - Disney opened their version of a "Libby Lu" (which as a Dad, I absolutely hate, because they pile slabs of makeup on girls to look like miniature drag queens) at Disney World: Downtown Disney last month, but instead of making up girls to look like little Brittany's, Paris's, and Lindsay's, this thing bills itself as Princess Boutique that makes the girls look like princesses.

They have this back-story where the place is owned by the Fairy Godmother herself and the people working their are Fairies in training or something like that. At first I thought this was pretty obscene, since most spa's now are catering to tween girls, but in this context I don't find it all that bad. I wouldn't go around sending my own daughter to this thing all the time ($35-$175! Yikes!), but when we do visit Disney World on those once in a while vacations, why not. Of course not the $175 package, that's just outrageous, my kingdom would go bankrupt spending that kind of cash.
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    IzzyMom said...

    My friend was just telling me about the Libby Lu thing. Sounds horrible. So does the Princess thing. But I guess it beats making them look like Bratz dolls :-O

    creative-type dad said...


    We paid a visit here over Christmas while at Disney World and took our 3 nieces (age 4, 7, and 11)

    We did the $45 package which included hair, makeup, nails, and a bag with makeup to take home.

    The two younger ones loved it - the 7 year old more. The 11 year old didn't...she thought it was too baby since most of the girls there were between 4-7.

    The stylists did a great job. What was odd is that we weren't allowed to tip (againest Disney policy).
    I guess if you're paying $45, a tip is a little crazy.

    We can't wait to do this with our own daughter when she's 3 (the mimimum age for kids)