Friday, May 05, 2006

Sweet Ride on a Modified "Power Wheels"

I must admit, kids these days don’t know how good they have it. With their cell phone ring backs, 200+ cable channels, iPods, laptop computers…Power Wheels. Man, I really wish they had Power Wheels when I was a kid. Because if they did, chances are I could have been the coolest kid on the block with my Knight Rider: KITT 2000 Power Wheels (complete with the red-light tracers on the grill) and me sporting a black leather jacket, kid-fro, making citizen arrests to all the neighbors kids trampling over planters or modifying fireworks. Man, how sweet would that have been? Which had me thinking- Hey why couldn’t I create one for my daughter? Isn’t that what a small piece of parenting is all about – giving your child opportunities that weren’t available to you as a kid… or was it just living vicariously through them? Either way, I came across this really great website with other Dads who think like me on this issue, on the same wavelength, who also share the dream. God, isn’t the internet great!?
  • Modified Power Wheels
  • Power Wheels Official Site
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