Monday, May 08, 2006

Illegal to Smoke in Car with Kid Under 7

How surprising, this happened in Arkansas and not in California or New York initially. First of all, I’m not a big fan of all these anti-smoking bills (I’m not or was never a smoker) to the extremes like the city of Calabasas banning smoking anywhere outdoors. I hate smoker’s smoke invading my personal space as much as the next guy, and the benefit of not dealing with smokers isn’t bad incentive either so I’m not going out in the streets preventing these laws - there is a limit.
But in this case this seems like a common sense issue (too bad they have to make laws to make parents behave.) I can’t even imagine what kind of parent would put their kids through a smoke-filled car in the first place. Personally I’ve never actually seen anybody smoke with a kid in the car- maybe it’s pretty common in Arkansas? (Or kids in Arkansas to smoke over the age 7...) I’ll say one thing though, if a parent were smoking with a kid in the car here in California, the anti-smoking mafia would ram the car off the road and drag the driver out beating them in the street. At least in Calabasas.
  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Lighting up with young kids in vehicle banned under bill
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