Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Poop Story #43

I can’t wait for the day my daughter is potty trained. I actually dream of the day she’s walking into the bathroom herself and takes care of her own business. And it’s experiences like what just happened that reaffirms my belief.
I lifted my daughter up, and heard/felt something like a “ball” noise rattling coming from her diaper. I quickly checked and didn’t see anything, but I went to change her diaper anyway only to discover a “poop marble”. Yes, marble, which when my daughter wiggled started to roll around in her diaper and then violently “jumped” off the changing table and rolled across the hardwood floor.
I came across some people awhile back who claim infants can be trained to use the toilet, “Diaper Free Baby” they call themselves. I laughed and thought what kind of people would go through the trouble. I’m not laughing anymore.
  • Diaper Free Baby

    cantellya said...

    I've heard about that. Can't help but wonder how much carpet cleaner parents must go through....

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

    It's like potty-training a puppy, I guess