Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I've had it, I'm moving the family to a hut in Alaska

Two women in my boxing class at the gym last night scared the bejesus out of me. What started out as a light conversation about one of the women's daughter getting married next month turned into a bucket of teenage horrors stories! Not only teen stories, but serious problems raising their teenage daughters in what they described as "affluent" area. Older guys who prey on them at the malls, high school parties, getting them hooked on meth, drugs, and taking advantage of them. Kids with cash, who get into trouble and parents who are in denial about it. Argh! And then to make me feel better, one of them told me "all kids get into trouble like this, so expect it". What? When my wife and I were teenagers we didn't even get into 2% of what they've told me. Which had me wondering how can parents become so complacent about this stuff?
I wonder if my daughter can just skip High School like Doogie Houser.

On the other side-what's with the search still going on for Jimmy Hoffa? I thought he was buried under some pitchers mound in Hawaii, or Kansas.


Rick Andreoli said...

Ignore these women. They live in a world of fear and hopelessness. All of my siblings have good kids because they're decent good people who are honest with their children and show them both discipline and respect. I know you guys, and I know you will be fine.

MrsFortune said...

Wait, I thought he was in the end zone of Giants' stadium?

And as for what those ninnies said, they only think that because that's what happened to their kids. As someone who has a lot of contact with adolescents, I can tell you that it is a small minority of kids that get into stuff like that. It's just that's who everyone focuses attention on, so you don't hear about the 94% of kids who are truly good and kind people.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

You’re both right.
After the initial "shock" and thinking about it some more...maybe those 2 women have convinced themselves this happens to all kids to deflect anything they may, or may not have done in the past.

One did give some good advice though - saying keep them involved(occupied) with something. Be it art, dance, sports, academic, volunteer work, etc. I thought that was good-