Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fast Rides and Getting Old

I read this morning how Walt Disney World is making a tamer version of their Mission: Space ride in Florida. I think this is a good idea, because when we were out in Florida, I was a little freaked out riding the thing (they spin you at 65 mph to get “weightless”-just thinking of that makes me queasy.)
I swear some rides these days scare me. They’re getting faster, loopier; I’m just waiting for the day when some roller coaster will just slam people against a brick wall- just for the shear thrill. I’m not sure when my threshold for these things came down. I use to ride them all the time (except maybe for a few of those questionable carnie rides), it could have been as early as 8 years ago when I stepped off a twisty roller coaster at Six Flags and the ground was moving for a few minutes. Then I did the Danny Glover line from Lethal Weapon “I’m getting to old for this…shee-ot”. It’s not that I don’t like fast rides, I just know my limit, just like drinking. When I was younger, I could drink more, these days it just has a greater affect on the machinery.
  • Washington Post: Disney to Offer Tamer Version of Ride
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