Friday, May 26, 2006

Swearing Po-Leece

I may be getting more attentive to this, but kids these days are getting worse since my days as a teenager (not too long ago- I think), or I’m turning into a prude. Yesterday afternoon I opened our windows only to hear around 4 teenagers playing basketball on our small street yelling Sh*t and F***, really loud, when they missed the “hoop” or something like that. All while I was feeding Cheerios to my daughter who was talking in gibberish (I imagined her just throwing the Cheerio and yelling 'Sh** Dadda!!'). I immediately walked outside and told the kids “Hey guys, watch the language, I can hear you like you're in my breakfast nook”. Most of the kids are friends of one of the neighbors, but their reaction was that of “What’d I do?” even to the point of one of the kids saying “Huh? We didn’t cuss”. Really? The kids did stop and were pretty quiet afterwords, which was good. Somehow I don't think they're use to somebody calling them on swearing.
I don’t know what the deal is these days, call it parent-syndrome, but I’m getting more irritated with it. Yeah, I hear it at work, sometimes I or friends say something in context of a story (with adults around), but we don't use F*** like saying “the”.

Practical Parent: Swearing

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