Monday, May 22, 2006

Did you spend $756 at Old Navy…?

That’s what my credit card’s fraud department asked when they called. My almost immediate reaction was “how does somebody even spend that much at Old Navy?!” (Unless they bought that plastic dog and truck that holds those “Amazing Deal of the Week” $4 t-shirts too.)
So somebody swiped my card number, expiration, made some phony card, pretended to be me and went shopping in Maryland (I’m in California) a few minutes after I went shopping at my local Trader Joe’s. After getting away with this they even hit up a Circuit City, but thankfully my card company knows I don’t shop there for (or any brick- and-mortar shop for electronics anymore) and rejected the $3200 purchase. Which had me thinking, don’t these stores check ID when somebody is making a huge purchase? I don’t get it, when I was in High School/College working some register at any job, I always checked ID when people used a credit card. Places these days are so relaxed that they don’t check anymore, and criminals know it. It’s irritating!

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