Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Save the Internet! Then go buy a Hot Dog

So today I emailed my congressmen (persons) again. They must really like me, because half the time I get responses. Which is fun, sometimes they do read like form letters, and some like intern responses.
This time around it's all about Net Neutrality. I've been reading about this for some time now and have finally made the decision that I'm siding with the Save The Internet crowd rather than the truly misleading (and organization names) "Don't Regulate" and "Hands Off The Internet".
If you don't know anything about this, and care, read the thousands of articles and do the research on your own. I'm not going to tell people which side they should choose. If I had that kind of power to influence people, I would have everybody send me $100 and then build a secret lab embedded in a volcano.

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