Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baby Loves Disco - L.A.!

So the event finally came to L.A. and we were there Sunday afternoon along with a handful of friends. For those who don't know what Baby Loves Disco is, well read about it here. For those in other states who have gone to one of those "fancy locations" with the Eames furniture and Phillipe Starke looking bars...we're jealous , the location here (the Larchmont) didn't have the posh dressings and was on the sketchy side of Melrose.

Which was basically on the "bad" side of Melrose (yes, there is a bad side even though the good side looks like the bad side..) That didn't stop us and other parents from having fun though. We arrived almost exactly at 2pm and stood in the 85 degree sun while parents and kids lined up with Baby Bjorns and diaper bags in hand. It's kind of funny standing in a line outside a club at 2pm, with an infant, when a bouncer is checking your ID (for cocktails) and giving you a wristband. About 80-90% of parents had to be in their 30's (like us) so we were in good company and all were saying stuff like "Wow-I haven't stood outside a CLUB in YEARS!".

Inside they played mainly 80's music, and none of that annoying 80's stuff, like you know, "Sunglasses at Night", "Everyone Have Fun Tonight" it was more of "The Cure", "General Public" (English Beat), "Siouxsie And The Banshees" with some "Wham!" and old school "Madonna" thrown in. We were quite pleased and the free Nilla Wafers cookies, Fruit Snacks, Candy, Juice Boxes made it even better.

From what they told us, I guess this is going to be an ongoing thing now, once a month. Which is pretty cool. It's kinda nice to hang out dancing with friends and the kids. We're definitely going back, and some friends with no-kids were interested in going too (I guess they'll just have to rent-a-kid for the day or something). All in all, we had fun -it definitely beats Chuck E. Cheese any day.


Angel Baby said...

We will definitely check out the baby disco thing... maybe see you in Hollywood one of these months!

Ryan said...

Hilarious. I wish we had something like that visit our city. What a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

Well, my son happened to enjoy the majority of it, even if he didn't like riding in the car with the rat.