Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thoughts on the Britney Interview

So I finally saw the notorious interview on YouTube after reading/hearing so much about it the last few days from friends, co-workers and on Blogs. All I can say is Britney should just stop talking and maybe sit in her house for a few years with the door locked. Or maybe move to a cave in Alabama until she’s grown up enough to not chew gum and rub her leg during an interview.
I did think it was pretty funny how the editor kept cutting to “sexy Britney” and current “Wal-Mart checker Britney”. I hope the director and editor get an Emmy for that or at least a Sizzler coupon for their brilliant work.

How does this relate to anything?? 1-Debbie Gibson never did anything like this (well, except for that posing nude thing). 2- My daughter will never become a ‘pop-star’!!

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