Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kindergarten Graduation?

So we went to yet another kids birthday party over the weekend (they seem like every weekend now) and some parents were talking about their 5-6 year olds upcoming “cap and gown” graduation ceremonies. I’m might be going out on a ledge here, but why? What’s so significant about graduating kindergarten? All they have to do is “show-up” for a few hours a day, color, sing songs, play “duck, duck, goose”, learn the alphabet, etc. So? When I was that age all I got was a certificate that said, “(blank) is ready for 1st grade” In fact, I think we had to write in our own names. And I think there was a picture of Big Bird on it too. That thing hung on the fridge until it “mysteriously disappeared” like all fridge art usually did.

If somebody invites us to a kindergarten graduation party, I’m boycotting. We already have too many other kid birthday parties going on.

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