Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby Shower, “MI:3”, “Cars”, Nintendo DS Lite and Neighborhood Watch Militia

That’s pretty much how you sum up our weekend. My wife and daughter attended one of my many cousins baby shower and because they live really, really far away in a magical place called “The Inland Empire” (which is just a fancy name for San Bernardino County, which doesn’t sound very magical and sounds more like a rodeo BBQ.) So I thought I would spend the afternoon with my grandfather. Maybe take him to a movie - something he doesn’t do too often.

I originally wanted to take him to see the new Disney/Pixar flick “Cars”, but of course, we were there only AN HOUR before it started on 4 screens and they were all sold out. So it was either “The Omen” or “MI:3”. Grandpa has high cholesterol so we saw MI:3. This isn’t a movie I wanted to see (you know with the Tom Cruise fake relationship with Dawson’s girlfriend and the artificially inseminated “baby” –my theory), well at least pay to see it in the theatre, we usually NetFlix movies like this…but when you’re in a bind, what can you do? I have to admit though it wasn’t bad and pretty entertaining. Felicity made a good hitman/woman in the 5 minutes she was in the movie. I’m rather surprised it didn’t do better box office numbers - I blame the Tom backlash (you know, the Dawson/Batman’s girlfriend thing).

I did have an interesting time yesterday. I ran out early to our local Best Buy to pick up that new Nintendo DS Lite. I wasn’t a big Nintendo fan for years after that GameCube business. But after going to E3 (the video game industry convention) my mind changed about the company. So far, I like the thing. My wife and I were playing that game Brain Age yesterday and it turns out, I currently have the mind of a 58 year old (That’s not a good thing). My wife’s Brain Age is 47. Afterwards, I took my old brain and played Mario Cart DS with some Frenchies in France. (over the Internet on the game units Wi-Fi connection). How high-tech am I? Well, pretty high tech for a 57 year old.

Last night our little community had yet another Neighborhood Watch meeting with the local Police department. With the recent home break-ins in the area (2 houses and 2 cars in the last 7 months) we villagers have gotten pretty angry (P.O.’d…yes, we are!) and have formed neighbor patrols at night between the hours of 1:30-5:30 AM (the times of the crimes). They’ve been going on for 3 months now with the same 8 guys. The police were pretty impressed and told us that if the hamburglar was still around he’ll likely get caught and sent to jail from all the participation. But just after the sergeant comments I heard 3 fella’s shout out, “When we catch ‘em, then we’ll lynch ‘em!!” and everybody yelled “Hooray!!” Then they asked for “all the men” to sign up to for at least 1 patrol a week (2 guy teams) posted on a tree. They’ll even provide you with a Maglite, but you have to provide your own crowbar (I made that part up). I told them I’d only go out if I can have a torch, wear war paint and dreadlock wig, and be addressed only as “Gwar”.


Izzy said...

Keri Russell was in MI:3? I didn't know that. It's hard to imagine her as anything but the ultra-nice Felicity.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Yeah, and she "acted" exactly like her Felicity character too....except with a gun and a good shot.