Friday, June 09, 2006

This Dad "Just says No" to Minivans and Station Wagons

Its not that I’m against other people buying the things, I just wouldn’t buy one. Even though I’ve had countless owners who’ve tried to “convince” me of their practical-ness, storage space, remote control doors, child silencers (I made that one up), etc. I still think they’re horrid excuses for transportation. They’re downright ugly and horribly designed, yes, even the Honda and Toyota ones. I had to drive my in-laws minvan once and it was a scary experience. My response is why not just get an SUV or one of those miniature SUV’s. In fact, I think the reason SUV’s were so popular for years was because of people like me who hated the alternatives of minivans or station wagons…well, at least until gas prices went up.

My perspective has changed “a little”... My wife and I have an aging SUV that’s over 8 years old and like recent pictures of Jerry Lewis, is starting to show really bad signs of aging. We hardly drive the thing anymore since we bought our “family-friendly” MINI Cooper (that’s a little joke). And also, every time I take the thing farther than 20 miles from the house, I get visions of calling AAA to pick me up.
So of course I have been thinking about this and its future replacement. Seriously, what guy doesn’t like looking around for cars? My first choice is a Porsche Cayenne, but the wife thinks there’s something not “family-like” zipping around in a Porsche (Uh…you should see the looks we get now carting a baby around in a MINI). And the gas thing is an issue (we’re in California -$3.30/gallon is considered a bargain).

Recently I stumbled upon BMW’s version of a wagon; well “sports sedan”, as they call it and not really a wagon (I’m wagon prejudice). It could also be the fact that it’s a BMW that really makes the car intriguing. No "Brady Bunch" factor there.


Izzy said...

I drive a minivan and I'm fine with it, ugly and all, but frankly, they're not a dude car and neither are station wagons.

I'm not into SUV's because of the rollover factor (they do roll more than any other vehicle, especially when you drive like me) but the Toyota Highlander has a rather low and presumably safer profile so that would be my SUV choice in lieu of the momvan, particularly if they have a hybrid version.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Hybrid - yes. Actually I wish cars ran on in Back the Future 2 (or 3?).

Or diapers...?

Izzy said... Definitely.