Friday, June 16, 2006

Father’s Day Stuff

So my first Father’s day is Sunday. I’m not sure if I should be planning a BBQ, expect a necktie, a new wallet, coupon lunch at Black Angus, $16 shorts from Ross, or any other of the ‘traditional’ gifts that are always advertised. I always wonder what advertisers think of Dads these days. Like we don’t change from the previous generations and we all enjoy a trip down to Hometown Buffet for lunch (hey ya’ll lets make sure Dad gets a starter spare tire going and don’t forget the socks with sandals).
Growing up my brother and I just usually gave my Dad some gift, like Docker Pants my mom picked out from JC Penny and Dad would BBQ some T-Bones and baked potatoes while mom sat around complaining to him (Note: I HATE Dockers and JC Penny and…). Now that it’s my turn, I want to do things a bit differently. I want my daughter to make me funny kid art, you know like a portrait of me in macaroni and finger paint, and maybe some cool title like “Portrait of a Contemporary Father”. And then maybe a video game taped to the back. I wouldn’t mind that after eating a Sushi or Cajun lunch.

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Angel Baby said...

I sent this post to my husband to get some feedback about what his expectations are for the weekend.

Dads are SO tough to buy for... I always like to get suggestions! Your sentiment is really nice.