Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup and the Crocodile Hunter

You know, I don’t know what “rest of the worlds” obsession is with soccer. While working out at the gym last night I tuned into (they have really cool little TV screens on some equipment) this World Cup business for about 10 minutes and I just got really bored with it. All that running around made me tired and all the players, to me, looked like they were forced to play for their lives (or like if the Russian mafia was watching closely and had grandma tied to a train). And don’t even get me started on the size of the playing field, why can’t they shrink it down 75% and maybe give the guy’s armor and sticks to fight with. Maybe that would make the game more interesting. Somehow I know there’s some wacky Brazilian out there who is going crazy reading this, but I don’t care. If Soccer in the U.S. hasn’t caught on by now, it likely never will. I think Curling has more of a chance (if they add hungry bears chasing the players).

So I switched the channel and saw Steve Irwin’s Great Escapes. My wife and I use to watch his regular “Croc Hunter” show and found it pretty entertaining. On this new show - he’s with his family (2 kids now!) and wasn’t being chased by zombie piranhas while running holding a dead chicken, like his old glory days. I guess now that he’s a family man, like all guys who have kids; he had to change his habits a little. Nonetheless, he’s still a pretty entertaining Aussie and his kids are pretty funny too.

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