Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bugaboo's Customer Service: The Experience

So yeah, we've had a Bugaboo Frog since the mini was born. I'm a designer in trade and as a design-conscious father I couldn't bear to get a normal stroller. My wife wanted one at first and it wasn't a struggle to convince me and to also pick up the accessories that are "extra" in price (*grumble*). But something shocking happened with our matching diaper bag (the kind that straps on the handlebars and looks very stylish at it) about a week ago. The handle strap ripped off like tissue paper and we were left standing with a broken $100 diaper bag. I was angry and the word "Bugaboo" became a swear word. The stroller itself has withstood some pretty good beatings and works like a charm, the matching bag on the other hand didn't. So I contacted their customer service a few days ago and to tell you the truth, they are seriously some of the nicest people and sent a new one right away. Now I hope they send money to buy a Cameleon.
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