Friday, April 28, 2006

Nothing on the TV and Hulk Hogan

So last night I was skimming through the channels while cleaning up after dinner while my wife was putting our daughter to bed. And as usual sifting through the channels always confirms why I hate watching it. There’s never anything on, and the shows that are on suck! Sorry, I’ll offend nearly everybody here but I don’t like American Idol (too many whiney people), anything sports (absolutely loathe sports), Lost (so what), Amazing Race (I don’t care), HGTV (I like some shows), Food Network (makes me hungry). Personally, alone time, I rather play Playstation 2, watch a movie, read a book/Internet, or go to the gym. If the TV were to explode I wouldn’t miss it.
I did come across something that caught my attention. A show called “Hogan knows Best”. The former WWF wrestler is a dad now, married for 22 years and has 2 kids - who knew? Although the show itself is pretty cheesy (and is likely set-up as are most of these reality shows), I have to admit watching it I actually admired the guy for taking a stand and protecting his daughter in certain situations. In one instance, on a movie set, he pulled some 26 year-old guy aside and scared the crap out of him for moving in on his 17 year-old daughter. That was pretty entertaining. Although I did wish he would have picked him up, twirled him in the air, tossed him to the ground, and then slammed a folding chair over him. Then maybe, just maybe, I would watch that show again.
  • Hogan Knows Best

    Josh said...

    Yea, I saw that one too. As old as he is, he's still a big guy I wouldnt mess with.

    It probably is mostly set up. For instance, theres one where they're on vacation in Key West, and Brooke disappears for about 8 hours and they're freaking out calling her and crying...but they never call the guy who's following her around with the camera.

    Oh well

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

    That's pretty funny! I guess the camera guy was invisible