Monday, April 17, 2006

Just in! 'Study' finds children of women under 25 twice as likely to live to 100.

An apology to my daughter--sorry your mom was 30 when we had you. Your mom and I met a few years after college while doing our own thing and didn't get married in time for the 'born by age 25' deadline. And when we did get married, didn't plan on having you for a while yet. We thought it was a good idea to be somewhat financial able to take care of you (and enjoy being married for awhile). But don't worry; if this study is correct, I'm going to live to be 115! So we'll have plenty of time to make up for it, since my mom was 19 when she had me. But of course, that led to a whole lot of other problems--
I'm not sure about other people, but personally, I couldn't even imagine having a baby younger than age 25. Maybe it's just people who were born to young parents. Or it may be just a guy thing, or guys like me in which paternity doesn’t hit until later. No worries, I'm sure this study will be debunked when doctors and scientist start to replace failing organs, limbs, whatever with robot parts. Then we'll all live to 150 and look like William Shatner (women included).
  • Forbes: Younger Moms' Kids Get Longevity Edge
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