Monday, April 10, 2006

Refrigerators that leak, Sears sucks and other gripes

There's nothing quite like having a brand new refrigerator leak and the "standard" warranty just expires on you. Yup, something a guy I use to work with called "Murphy’s Law". I swear, I was just about ready to ram my car into the local Sears store, or at least their "customer service" repair department, wherever they are (India? Alabama?.. same thing to me). A message to Sears- one thing you don't want to tell an upset customer is to buy an extended warranty for $250/per year when, these days, a new refrigerator cost almost that. I ended up calling a local appliance repair guy to fix it in 20 minutes for $155. Which, by the way, is crazy!! (I think P.I. lawyers will jump on that bandwagon for that kind of cash). On the way to work I was thinking - we can send a robot to mars and you can see my dog pooping in the yard on Google Maps, but they can't make a freakin' refrigerator that doesn't leak! What kind of world are we living in. Oh yeah, and never buy anything from Sears again. Not even tools or pictures with the Easter Bunny (I hate you now "Sears").
  • Sears Sucks!
  • Rip-Off Report: Sears
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    Joe said...

    Here, here! I think Sears sucks too! I'm having all kinds of grief getting a Maytag dishwasher fixed by Sears. Their interpretation of the warranty is vastly different from mine (or any reasonably sane person for that matter).