Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sesame Street Baby Videos

So it looks like Sesame Street is following Baby Einstein's footsteps and making video's for the 6 month and up crowd (the exception being that the production value looks much better). First of all, I'm not a big fan of infant videos like Baby Einstein (as I wrote a few months ago), but I'm not against selling the stuff for parents who decide to let their kids watch -even though I think Baby Einstein is mindless, cheaply done, and odd among other things- but whatever, that's the PARENTS choice. "Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood" (CCFC) the wacko's who think they know more than parents (who, by the way, are trying to sue Kellogg's and Nickelodeon from marketing snacks to kids) are now screaming at Sesame Street and partners for this new venture. My advice to CCFC, yeah, your cause is somewhat worthy but don't go after the makers - educate the parents. If parents like me don't buy, then something happens called "No Market", and then they go on to sell other things. Like Bratz dolls and Paris Hilton cartoons.
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    MrsFortune said...

    I saw this on the Today Show this morning, about the Sesame Street video. It's funny that actually Sesame Street is the only show whose educational value to kids has been proven through credible research but they dont' seem to be playing up that angle ... Anyway, my jury's still out on the whole baby einstein thing, cuz I don't have a baby just yet but I tend to agree with you. I'm pro-choice.