Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Mini is sick, and so am I...again!

Seriously - I have NEVER been this sick so many times my entire life since having my daughter (wife included). I use to get sick (cold or whatnot) like once or twice a year, unlike now which is once or twice a month! At this rate, I'll have some "super-immunity" -- like some comic book superhero that's been dropped into some nuclear waste bin and paddles out with a smirk on his face like he just spent a day at the beach. In a few months maybe I’ll be able to run through fields of syringes without getting sick (or swim in Santa Monica bay).
I've read the studies and talked to other parents saying stuff like "yeah, its good for them, so when they do go to school", or "it builds their immune system", I’m fine with that. But what I'm wondering, where's my immune system? I thought I had a pretty good one before all this, but apparently not. Or maybe it was outdated and there are new mutant germs in the world. In that case, maybe my daughter is helping me out when I grow up to be an old person. Maybe my wife and I will be thanking her when we're in an old-folks home (in Tahiti) and the crazy woman next door is coughing up her cat... and I'm drinking coconut milk while snacking on sugar-free uranium.
  • Mayo Clinic: Babies and the common cold

    IzzyMom said...

    I wonder about my immunity, too. I get sick a hell of a lot more since becoming a parent.

    Feel better :)

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...


    Other parents at work have told me that it gets better when the kid hits around 4-5. You get this super immunity and rarely get sick. We'll see about that...

    IzzyMom said...

    Well, mine's almost six so I'm thinking that's a bunch of bullsh*t

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