Friday, April 14, 2006

TomKat's baby, and don't forget Mission: Impossible: III

Am I the only one bothered by these stupid 'celebrities' using a baby as a media publicity blitz for a new movie? Seriously, when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes "hooked up", everybody and their dog knew it was because they both had movies to promote. I can live with that, it's Hollywood. They create and make up gossip and relationships all the time (Brittany, Lindsay, Paris...) but when you throw a baby into the mix, that's pretty low and desperate. Any great actor or actress would rely more on their work, not stupid stuff like jumping on Oprah's couch and having a sham relationship with a (artificially inseminated?) baby.
(Because if you work anywhere in Hollywood, that kat's been out of the bag long ago).
  • Reuters: Cruise says Holmes is a Scientologist

    MrsFortune said...

    Ha, when I first read that "Cruise says holmes is a scientologist" I thought of Larry Holmes, and I was like, what does Tom Cruise have to do with boxing.

    Hey, if Brit and K-fed can use the baby for media gain, I'm all for it.

    jhbmw007 said...

    TomKat bobbleheads on eBay!:

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

    Was I just spammed on the comments? I know this is about TomKat, but....hmmm.