Friday, April 21, 2006

GPS Tracking on Kids Cell Phones

There's been allot of noise the last few weeks after Disney announced it was launching a cell-phone service with the ability to track your kids using GPS. Sprint also did a couple of Press Release's about their GPS-tracking abilities too. I've also read allot of people (non-parents I assume) bashing the idea of tracking their kids through their cell-phones and locating them through the internet or even through the phone itself. What, are you kidding? As a parent of a future teen (and being one myself many moons ago) I don't see anything wrong with it, in fact I like the idea (I'm just glad this wasn't around when I was a kid). What's the big deal? This is a huge for a parent. In fact, I see it as a HUGE benefit. For instance:

Daughter: I'm going to Sara's to do homework
Me (Father): O.K. But just homework, it's a school night.
...time goes by..
Me (Calling): It's getting late, are you still doing homework at Sara's
Daughter: Like, Duh! Yeah, of course. Gawd!
Me (checking on internet): Your'e lying! I see you’re at the Mall. You're grounded!! No soup for you!!

I'm liking this technology. Now if only somebody can invent a force field to keep boys away from my daughter when she's a teen that would make being a father of a girl so much easier. Because I was a teenager once and I'm definitely not looking forward to the those years on the other side.
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    IzzyMom said...

    I have NO problem with that technology. Track away!

    Ryan said...

    Funny stuff. I love the conversation too.

    I wonder what would happen though if this technology fell into the wrong hands or if others could hack into the GPS system to then view where the kids were located.

    Swagy said...

    While I can see the valid uses of this technology. The technology is quite amazing. I have some pause in unfettered enthusiastic support for the product. My paranoia quickly ran into overdrive with thoughts of an overenthusiastic government tracking me, or worse my wife keeping tack on me or perhaps my boss wanting to know just what I am up to and just where I am when he is paying me.

    Now I know that I am being paranoid here, as the government would not breach my right of privacy with this technology, umm wait on, did they not just install a monitoring office in a phone company, are they not doing this already. I guess the government is doing it so that pipe dream of freedom just bit the dust, but I know my partner would not do it, umm, maybe. My boss I know would, the only thing stopping him is his tightwad attitude, he may do the math and find that it is cheaper just to pay me rather than pay extra to find me.

    creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

    I guess if it did run into the wrong hands and somebody were able to use it for stalking purposes, I would definitely be singing a different tune.

    There's no doubt in my mind that these providers haven't thought about that if they're using "child locator" as a selling point. Because if anything were to endanger kids - parents and the press would be beating down their doors. And I would be out there personally kicking some @ss.