Sunday, July 31, 2005

So it begins...but why?

So my wife, daughter, and I are having lunch with our friends Rick and Steve earlier today- Rick, a real writer, asks about how to go about starting a blog--something his agent says will help him boost his career--sure, I've researched it, I even read blogs on a regular basis. So I say to myself "that's interesting. I've known about these things for awhile-but never really just did it. Sure, I have lots to do- what better way to procrastinate than to write random thoughts about interests, topics of the time, thoughts, irritations, bad/good, and the just plain ridiculous".
So on that whim, it begins-What goes on in the mind of a designer/artist working the day J.O.B. at a big entertainment company. Freelancing nights and weekends. Who sometimes inbetween works on personal work. Teaches High School kids on Saturday mornings at a private arts school. Oh, and did I mention I just became a new father 3 weeks ago today...
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