Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday!

(A letter to my son on his 7th birthday.)

Happy 7th birthday Little Man! Just as I was getting use to saying you're "6", you go ahead and get bigger...

Just a few things you did this past year that I’m going to remember forever:
  • Your obsession with Super Mario Kart on my old Nintendo 64 and wanting to play nearly everyday. I share the same passion, mommy sadly does not as stuff called, "homework & bathing" must be done. 
  • Watching scary old 80's movies together like "Gremlins" and old Goosebumps series.
  • As with above, watching Indiana Jones and Star Wars together. Yes, these are amazing classics - except for the Star Wars prequels which we pretend don't exist and don't ever talk about in this house. Ever. 
  • The silly drawings of me you draw as a potato, alien, and occasional truck, or Pokemon character. 
  • Dessert is always a must. Yes, don't ever forget this. 
  • You telling me to tell the bird chirping outside your window to be quiet because you're trying to sleep. Sadly, I missed the 'speaking to birds class' in college. 
  • You loved visiting Paris ("the one in France") and were happy that it wasn't in New Jersey. 
  • We let you have a (private) Instagram account and you like taking pictures of the ground, stuffed animals, and butter. 
  • When doing your homework, you had to list 3 Olympic summer sports: YouTuber, Minecraft builder, and running from dragons. 
  • Our arguments about the Tooth Fairy being rich, do I work for her, and what kind of sick person would want children's teeth. 
  • Grandpa is traveling to Ireland and you trying to talk him out of going because there's no Disneyland there. 
  • When we got flooded with rains, you wanted to build an Arc and fill it with stuffed animals so they could survive. 
  • You asked if we can buy a horse to put into the backyard. When I said no because they cost hundreds a month, you suggested we should switch to GEICO and save hundreds on our car insurance. 
  • Announcing sadly to the family that the dog had died. When we told you that we didn't have a dog you cried out, "MY DOG IN MINECRAFT!!" 

Your favorite things at this moment:
  • Minecraft: Mods, Skins, Add-On's
  • Riding your bike and scooter
  • YouTube Kids and Netflix.
  • Handball - you can't stop talking about it and how this is going to be your career after you're 12 
  • Making drawings and art for people.
  • Mario Kart 64 and playing with the family
  • Friends that live nearby - Samuel and Finn 
  • Fidget Spinners 
  • Going to the pool
  • Funny drawings I put in your lunch
  • Your new fish, because the other one died on your birthday...

What you asked for your birthday:
  • Bike
  • Balls
  • Going jumping with your friends
  • Eating at a buffet with your friends

And I’m always going to remember what you told us last night before going to bed, “I just can't wait to be 7 and a taller so people don't block my view.”

I’m going to miss the 6 year-old version of yourself,  but I’m looking forward to what new memories and adventures we’ll make together when your 7!

Daddy (Pops)