Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Little girls playing Princess - is it such a bad thing?

I read this interesting article comment today about a feminist mother's conclusion concerning her 4-year old daughter's love of dressing up like a princess. I've had a few discussions with other parents who absolutely hate the fact that their daughters like to play dress up or play princess for fear that they'll ultimately grow weak, become subservient to men, join a sorority, waitress at Hooters, or worse - cheerleader for some state football team! As for my daughter, I really don't mind. Most girls grow out of it when they hit kindergarden/1st grade anyway. And discounts on the chicken wings wouldn't be a bad incentive either (that was a joke).
  • Chicago Tribune: Playing princess doesn't mean we're helpless
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  • Sunday, January 29, 2006

    Disney does Devo 2.0

    Like the "New Mickey Mouse" experiment of the 80's, Disney revives Devo (although the two have nothing to do with each other). In which 4 teenage kids do covers from the electro band. Pretty scary at first, but Devo actually regrouped and picked out these new vocals youths. “The concept is about the energy and aesthetic of DEVO being passed like an Olympic torch to a new generation,” said DEVO frontman Gerald V. Casal. Hmmm, very interesting indeed. Enough for me to poop on...
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  • Thursday, January 26, 2006

    "Chubby kids - get inside, play video games and get some exercise!"

    West Virginia has gotten real tough on childhood obesity. Within the next 3 years 753 public middle schools will get the video game "Dance Dance Revolution". In hopes of making them move around to get some exercise. What does this cost? $740 for the console, two dance pads and software. Somebody in Virginia obviously needs to do a Costco run because they’re getting ripped off. Better yet, make the kids run over there and get some exercise. Actually thinking of it, they might come back with a crate of Twinkies instead.
  • AP: W.Va. schools get game to fight obesity
  • Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    $3,800 for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Baby Ultrasound??

    First of all, how can you tell? All 5-month old unborn baby ultrasounds look more like little aliens. Does this baby actually resemble any of them? Honestly, it would at least have Angelina's big lips. I'm going to scan my daughter's ultrasound, do some Photoshop doctoring and say William Shatner is pregnant with Tony Danza's baby. I bet Golden Palace (the wacky purchaser of crazy EBay items) will pay good money for that one.
  • Send 2 Press: A Picture Worth $3,800
  • Friday, January 20, 2006

    Finally! "Wubbcast" Video Podcast for Preschoolers

    It's about time somebody thought of 'the children' when it comes to video podcasts. All video podcast these days are geared towards adults, like making drinks (Tiki Bar TV), bunnies who aren't afraid to bleed (Happy Tree Friends), and French Maids who enjoy a little pillow fight here or there in hotel rooms (not that that's such a bad thing...). But what about stuff for the youngins? Thankfully, I found a really cool video podcast called "Kangcast" that has some pretty creative short cartoons that are somewhat kid-friendly. Channel Frederator came out a few months back with 'some' O.K.-kid shorts (like a kid and his dog, or panda's with lollipops- but they died at the end choking on them) mixed in with wenches flashing rock star pirates. Man, imagine that...the life of a pirate AND rock star. Charlie Sheen would be all over that.
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  • Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Nickelodeon's Spongebob - "Hey Kid, have a Pop-Tart or 2, or 3!"

    You know you're in trouble when a place called the "Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood" is after your head. The group is suing (or blackmailing...) Kellogg’s and Viacom's Nickelodeon network to stop their crazy junk-food commercials to kids. It's not that I'm for marketing this junk to kids, but if you ever turn on Nickelodeon they're packed with commercials hawking everything from fruit-flavored cookies to Blow-Pens. You know how you stop it.... you don't buy the junk food and don't let your kids watch Nick. Or TiVo the shows (marketers LOVE it when viewers do that), or better yet, buy a video (commercial-free, well at least after the first 10 minutes of commercials).
  • Forbes: Kellogg's, Freston's Nickelodeon In Junk Food Suit
  • Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    The man who is "Chuck Norris"

    I thought I knew all about Chuck Norris through late night movies. At one time I thought Charles Bronson and he were paternal twins, like Jean-Claude and Steven Seagal. But apparently not so, he's more than that. I just found out that when Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the Earth down. That’s deep. (Thanks to Stephie and "White Frank" for the link)
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  • Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    iPod for iBaby...stroller?

    Just when you think they've pretty much attached an iPod to just about everything these days. Now mom (or a dad who doesn't mind driving a "pink" stroller) and baby can both enjoy listening to OutKast or Lionel Ritchie while out at the mall (yes, my wife has varied taste) thanks to the iPod adaptor built in this umbrella stroller. For $49, its not such a bad deal. Some iPod clothes, jewelery, sweaters, furs, pets, etc. go for almost that.
  • Kolcraft iBaby™ Reclining Umbrella Stroller
  • Cnet iPod add-ons: 1,000 accessories in your pocket
  • Thursday, January 12, 2006

    Potty Training: Now please!

    I told my wife that when our daughter is using the toilet, we can go to Fiji. At 6-months old I can't wait for the day when we don't have to deal with diapers (the smell especially!). I really think diaper companies are like crack dealers (not that I've dealt with crack dealers...). They get you OK with the idea by selling them to you real cheap in the beginning. For instance, newborn/stage 1 diapers selling at $10 for 80 of them. But by the time you get to stage 3, they go up to $80 for 10 (or bonus pack "11", if you buy from Costco). And then you get comfortable with it, and they convince you that a 4 year old with a diaper called a Pull-Up is the same thing as Spiderman Underoos. Bad diaper companies! Oh, and they're bad for the environment too. Like a beach, on Fiji.
  • Toilet Training in Less than a Day @Amazon
  • Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Steve Jobs: One mean Apple

    Steve Jobs is an evil man. I never thought I would say it but he is. After weeks of reading the “Apple Rumor” sites, I was fully expecting something really cool today at the Macworld Expo, like this so-called Mac Mini DVR, or Airport with streaming video, or 42” “Plasma” T.V. or better yet, 50” T.V. maybe with DVR inside. Or an iPod that can read your mind and order Pizza from Shakey’s. The least he could do was release something cool. But no, just another notebook and iMac with Intel chips. Hey Steve Jobs, I got a message for you..”So freakin’ what!!” And to think I was measuring my entertainment center last night expecting to put an Apple Plasma T.V. that could hold a million songs and record every episode of Baywatch, in HD! You let me down Steve Jobs! Great, now the baby's crying...thanks again Steve Jobs!!!
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  • Monday, January 09, 2006

    Not Bubbles-Zubbles! (Colored Bubbles)

    Who knew making a colored bubble could be so hard to do? With the help of some chemist, hundreds of experiments and 11 years later, inventor Tim Kehoe created a colored bubble. This bubble is so high-tech ("dye molecule from an unstable base structure called a lactone ring") that when they’re exposed to air (when they pop) the color disappears and leaves no color stain. He’s planning on making vanishing toothpaste, paints and hair dye in the future. Pretty freakin’ cool!
  • Zubbles : Colored Bubbles
  • Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Kiddie Spa's and $65 facials

    I had a strange feeling in my stomach when "day spa's" started opening everywhere in my neighborhood the last few years and I knew these places were waiting to get the girls and their parents wallets. Late last year a fancy HUGE Glen Ivy opened near our house and my wife started going. Which isn't bad, she's an adult and I don't mind. But would you really let your 7 or 9 year old get a $65 facial, $30 pedicure, or $100 "works" package with makeup?! Libby Lu's started arriving here in L.A. last year where tween girls can have makeup parties (which pile the stuff one like a clown) and dress them up like hoochie-mama's, and at the other side of the spectrum Disney World's Downtown Disney's new place Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is opening gearing girls up to look a like a real princess. Most spas’ now have kid packages that charge mom and dad adult prices. I can assure one thing, my daughter isn't going to get a $100 facial, unless maybe it's at Target, her birthday, and I have a coupon.
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  • That's 'Sir' Tom Jones to you

    There's a new 'knights of the realm' in the hood of Britain these days, which gives the ladies yet another reason to throw their undergarments at him. My wife and I have seen Tom.... wait, Sir Tom, perform in Las Vegas on more than a few occasions. We use to go every year for a while but now, after having a 6-month old, it’s getting a little more difficult. We would take our daughter, if it were allowed, since we sing/play "What's new Pussycat" or her favorite "Help yourself" to her, but somehow I'm afraid she might toss her diaper onto the stage.
  • USA Today: Tom Jones receives knighthood from Britain
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  • Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Movie Theater Experience - Commercials?! Just like TV

    Last year my wife and I got to see 2 whole movies in the theater. Never in my life have I ever been to a theater only twice in a year. So when we had recently gone to see the new Harry Potter, I noticed some things that made me not want to go in the future and just stay home to watch the DVD 2-3 months later. In-your-face commercials! And really annoying ones too about cars, pizza, soda, TV shows that suck, etc. for a full 30 minutes before the movie previews started (another 15 minutes of annoyance). My only question was "Why isn't this movie free, much cheaper, or why aren't they paying me!", after all those commercials I should get something in return, instead of paying them $10 to watch commercials! I just read about how movie theater attendance for 2005 was at its lowest since 1997. Theater owners - Stop annoying people with commercials! Not long ago there were no TV commercials. Just slides for local car dealerships, realtors, and trivia about M.I.A. actors like Steve Gutenberg. I can take that, but loud TV ads-Give me a Break!!! Until that changes, my theater experience is at home, commercial-free, with the Netflix. Even a 3D Baywatch movie won't bring me back.
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