Friday, September 04, 2015

10 Year Blogiversary!

Back in 2005, just 3 weeks after my daughter was born, I use to do what any sane new parent use to do late at night - wonder if what my wife and I were going through was “normal”. Seeking advice and insights from other parents, online, not just relying on our own family or the decades-old traditional parenting magazines and books from people that hadn’t had kids in their own households for generations. 

In that time, I found so many parents in the same boat and some just off the boat from everywhere around the world. 
I in turn started blogging about my own experiences eventually becoming part of the daddy/mommy blogging community. 

I never imagined that I would still be doing this 10 years later. So much has changed during that time: my oldest is now in 5th grade and youngest just started Kindergarten and I've been married for 16 years now. 
Most other parent bloggers have stopped blogging altogether or continue to blog but are now exclusively product review sites instead. (In their defense, I do product reviews on occasion too!)
Some have moved to Facebook which definitely (still) isn’t my thing; some are exclusively on Twitter, which I do often now @creativeTypeDad

I’m not entirely sure how much longer I’ll be doing this as my posting has become more infrequent over the last 2 years, not like the old days where I would post 2-3 times a week. But between work, spending time with my family, I continue to seek advice of other parents and do enjoy sharing some fun stories along the way. 

Who knows? I may be granddaddy blogging...but hopefully not until my kids are at least 28 and married. 

Some favorite posts of mine over the years: