Tuesday, September 12, 2006

5 Weird Things About Me

Thank Mel for this - she's the one who "tagged" me. Like if there are only "5" things weird about me. (She should no better…)

(Big Breath)
Here we go:

1. I have a strange fascination with midgets or the politically correct term ‘little people’. Not to make fun of them, but I just think it would be cool to hang out with them (did you know some are in bands!) I may tell people I want to dress them up like Care Bears with 80’s hair band logo’s on their stomachs and go Trick or Treating with them; but I really wouldn’t do that. I just think they’re very interesting.

2. I still think David Hasselhoff is really cool ever since I was a kid. Knight Rider was my favorite show – the car, the “Knight Industries”, Bonnie. Maybe it’s the talking car or all the chicks he surrounded himself on Baywatch. Maybe it’s the chest hair. If I had chest hair like that, maybe I could be a movie star too. One could only dream.

I went to a Michael Bolton Concert once with “Special Guest” Kenny G. My ears bled the first hour (It was all for a woman of course – the things guys put up with…). Afterwards I didn’t think it was that bad because Michael Bolton had a K-Mart fan on stage so it could blow his mullet (long hair) back while he bent down to sing “I Thought I Loved You, But I Lied”. I thought that was a nice touch.

4. I had lunch with Debbie Gibson years ago. If I would have showed some “cleavage” maybe I would be Mr. Debbie Gibson now.

I absolutely HATE the Beatles. I had a roommate for years while in college who swore they could cure cancer or feed stray animals just by playing their music loud. I don’t care what people say; I think the Olsen Twins have more talent. Exception – Paul McCartney duets with Michael Jackson. I’m not sure why that is.


6. If I’m flipping through the cable channels and I come across “Saved By the Bell”, “Golden Girls”, “Full House”, I’ll stop and watch. I think Screech, Rose, and Kimmy Gibbler are all the same people just in different stages of life. It drives my wife crazy when she could be watching "real" shows like "Law and Order: SUV" (yes, I know I called it SUV and not SVU).


Radioactive Tori said...

I do the same thing when flipping channels and finding any of those shows. Mu husband laughs. I can't believe you had lunch with Debbie Gibson! I used to love her! How did you meet her and end up having lunch with her?

Anonymous said...

You are a strange and funny man, Tony. No wonder I like you so much! Fucking hilarious.

dadinprogress said...

Odd how many of those quirks I can relate to. I, too am fascinated by midgets and strangely drawn to that show about little people on TLC. We part ways on David Hasslehoff, though Knight Rider was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I even built the ERTL plastic model of Kitt. Tell me, do you have a complete and utter loathe for clowns like I do? And mimes. And, your roster of cable flipping turn-ons is awesome, I would add to that any kind of home shopping network. Regardless of what they're selling, I'll hover for a few minutes in awe of the junk and the sly ways of the hosts in trying to sell it to to the classless. I especially like when it's freaky porcelain dolls or Joan Rivers jewelry because you get the best callers drooling over the crap. Thanks for the morning laugh.

dennis said...

Tony you definately put the 'irk' in quirky!

I do have to direct my next comment to waya. Chest hair is not an 'ewwww' situation. Unless it is on women. Women with chest hair who also insist on wearing cleavage bearing tops...thats ewwwww. :)

Diana said...

#6, me too. I can't help it. (and yes, I have also called it SUV on purpose. It sounds better.)

Angel Baby said...

Dude. You hate the Beatles. That really sucks.

Ryan said...

I think my Grandma was at that Michael Bolton concert too. For some reason he has some bigtime sex appeal amongst older ladies.

Anonymous said...

Golden Girls? HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for sharing that. I find it absolutely hilarious for some reason. Out of all your confessions, I find that one the most...um....shocking. LOL!

junebee said...

It takes alot of cajones to admit admiration for David Hasselhof!

metro mama said...

You're one weird dude.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Yep, you're looney. The Hoff? Really? Kit I can see, but I don't understand the attraction that all of Germany seems to have for David Hasselhoff.

Creative-Type Dad said...

radioactive girl - one day I'll tell the story. Its actually pretty funny.

dadinprogress - yes! I watch that TLC show too sometimes. It's pretty cool.

Everybody with a problem with Hasselhoff's chest hair - No, I don't admire it.

Anonymous said...

Fan or not, everybody really needs to see this before finally making up their mind about Hasselhoff.

Jackie said...

Dude, you need to get a search box for your site because I'm totally trying to find the Debbie Gibson lunch story. Have you told it yet? You must have. Still making my way through the highlights - maybe it's in there.
And the Hoff? Ewww... I hope your opinion has changed since America's Got Talent (which apparently it does not...)