Thursday, October 07, 2010

Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas and Stencils!

My obsession with pumpkin carving started a few years ago when I created a masterpiece of a pumpkin featuring the one and only great American inventor of delicious fried chicken, Colonel Sanders. Every year I’ve tried to outdo myself but have never really come close.

Well, OK, maybe the Lionel Richie pumpkin last year came pretty close.

Below are the stencils I’ve created this year for all to enjoy. One is a request by my 5-year old daughter - can you guess which one?

(Click to download)

UFO in China (Run workers, run!)

Guitar Player Smashing a Guitar (In case you were wondering, he’s about to smash that pumpkin with his guitar.)

Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter (I read the very entertaining historical book over the summer and found it fitting for Halloween.)

Unicorn Pegasus (Add a double-rainbow for a truly magical experience.)

Prior years stencils can be found here and here.

These stencils are free to use, but please don’t redistribute. Also for those looking for a good carving kit, I completely recommend using a Pumpkin Masters set. Go pick one up from one of those dollar stores.

Happy Carving!


ericdbolton said...

you should add a double down sandwich all the way for an updated KFC..

Amrita said...

Your stencils are great Tony, now only if I were Michael Angelo (smile)

Anonymous said...

these are great - thanks!

Mike said...

pure genius. thanks for the unicorn-pegasus, you just made my daughter's year.

Sue said...

Thank you! That Lionel Richie one was a huge hit with my family.

Sasparilla Sue said...

I'm so glad you threw Abe in there!! He's headed for my pumpkin right now!

Anonymous said...

Love that unipegasus.

Whirlwind said...


I saw this a few weeks ago and thought of your love fro Fried Chicken. It's picture number 5.

Creative-Type Dad said...

Whirlwind -- You've just helped me finally figure out my sons costume.

Whit said...

Man, I was going to use the double down joke.

Have a great Halloween. Give out lots of chicken.