Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Sure Isn’t What It Used To Be...AND a Giveaway!

Things began in good spirits when the wife and I eagerly attended our daughter’s 1st ever kindergarten school play a few days ago. We’ve been hearing about the event for weeks in bits and pieces but never in its entirety.
The theme was supposed to be all around Thanksgiving, at least that's what I thought…

It was a very artsy new-age performance of “autumn” and my daughter played a brown leaf; and for about 15-minutes she did a whole lot of interruptive dance with her class while they all recited strange lines such as "are you ready?", “flow with me”, “let’s fly birds, FLY”, and “hear the leaves crunch.” The finale couldn’t have come soon enough when all of the kids began moving in slow motion, in unison, while a woman played an Enya-eque inspired tune on a mini Casio keyboard just off stage. The kids then burst loudly into song of “Shoo Fly, Don’t bother me” and then fell on the floor just before the lights went out.

I started having flashbacks of my Art School college years.

Suddenly all of the parents stood up and applauded, some in tears. Some women in the front began hugging each other. I got up slowly clapping looking at the wife wondering if she saw the same performance as me.

What a far cry from my own elementary school days where all we did was dress up as pilgrims and indians for the day, made turkey hand’s, and maybe created some candles from egg cartons… just like the real pilgrims did.

I started wondering if this private school she’s going to was a bit too crazy. Does this school purposely shy away from anything remotely traditional? What do they have against Turkeys and Pilgrims? What if they’re trying to make her a vegetarian?
No kid of mine will ever be a vegetarian!!!

But then she came home with this today:
A sweet Thankful Turkey craft with feathers of all of the things she’s thankful for. It says things like “Family”, “Brother”, “Mommy Daddy”, and there’s a green one at the back of the post-it speech bubble that says:

A Season of Giveaways!!
For some time now I’ve been getting a whole lot of requests to do giveaways. Usually I shy away from them but thought why not try it out, introduce some interesting things, and give some ideas for Christmas gifts. Be on the look out for these the next few weeks...

This week’s giveaway is THE ROBOT BOOK from Accord Publishing. A cute and clever board book that actually has moving gears, cogs, nuts, and bolts and is appropriate for maybe ages 2 and up. Comment below with your email address or directly to me at the address above (U.S. residents only for this one) before 6PM Pacific November 26th – I’ll randomly choose 2 winners. Good luck!


stirrell said...

Just wait until your daughter's class starts recording the performance so you can watch it over and over in the comfort of your own home... That's what my son's school does.

I also love that she is thankful for KFC.

Happy Turkey Day!

Josh Blair said...
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Awesome Mom said...

I think it may be where you live. Last year when we lived in Kansas they did a full on class feast and they dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians. Here in California we are doing a heritage feast and there will be some sort of inclusive song sung and I am sure a bunch of Mexican food will be served.

That is a cute book! I know my boys would be all over that. awesome_mom2061 (at) yahoo (dot) com

jen said...

That's some performance. Let's hope it's a California thing.
I want that book :) jdtto192 at hot mail dot com

Starr said...

Love the book! Great gift idea for the nephew on my list.

starrcliff at gmail dot com

Surfer Jay said...

Totally super cool. I want one, I want one!

painted maypole said...

kfc! awesome. daddy's little girl. :)

my nephew would totally dig that robot book: pntdmaypole at yahoo

Tulsa Courthouse said...

Its meaningful and by some means sharing this to readers like me, can make me want to surf the web to be able to get extra fantastic ideas.

ArtistUnplugged said...

First kindergarten new age Thanksgiving program... precious , daughter's turkey with KFC...priceless!!!!

Sandra said...

Your daughter sounds like she's having a great time at school. And the schools seems supportive and with a traditional part as well. Great sharing! Thanks.

Dad Stuff said...

I too am thankful for KFC. I would think the turkey would especially be thankful for KFC too. I wonder how the Colonel's recipe would taste on a turkey drumstick.