Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Martha Stewart: American Made. Just Like a Texas Truck built in Mexico

America is pretty innovated.

We’ve created such life-changing inventions here like iPhones, Airplanes, Jazz Music, Chicken in a Bucket, Prozac, The Internet, and Lionel Richie. 

It’s all pretty amazing when you think about it. And if you take a Prozac you can really sit back and think about it some more. 

So imagine my excitement when I find out Martha Stewart is encouraging new inventive creators by running a contest honoring those entrepreneurs who are making just plain cool products?

Then I discovered that one of my favorite designers-turned-mom, turned-mom-designer makes it into the top 100 finalists out of thousands of applicants with her super swanky, Eco-friendly mobiles and wall art.

Can you vote for her to win this (please?)
You can vote once per day through Sept 24th.

Her shop of Modern Modular wall art, bunnies, robots, kittens, and robot kitten bunnies…

Maybe one of these days she'll make a Lionel Richie mustache one or a bucket with floating chicken pieces - both perfect for any nursery or home office.


Anonymous said...

How cool! Off to vote.
Uh, I think little Colonel Sanders faces hanging from a bucket...yes...right over your bed....perfect. ;)

Anonymous said...

robot kitty bunnie GENIUS! Lionel Richie....stealing it! Thank YOU

Susan said...

"a Lionel Richie mustache one or a bucket with floating chicken pieces - both perfect for any nursery or home office."

I nearly spit out my coffee laughing! Seriously love you.

Unknown said...

I heard Lionel Richie today and thought of you, so I wanted to stop over and say hello.

I can't believe B is 7 already! Wow! Time does fly.

Jillian said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your Lionel Ritchie design for Lennymud's teapot on etsy. I have just bought one after mentioning it on my blog entry "Marriage is for Quitters": www.thegamingtramp.com
Have a look!
*N.B. There's quite a lot of strong language.